Paolo Cavanna / Front end developer

A front end developer with a healthy appetite for interactive design and everything digital. I like to make things happen, and I like them to happen as "awesomely" as possible.
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I live in Vercelli, Italy and I work remotely as lead front end engineer at Kaufland E-Commerce company.

I came from a humanistic background and, thus it doesn't look like a normal path heading to transform me into a code nerd, I took advantage from my classical studies and my master degree in arts.

My first encounter with the world of web was more SEO oriented. I got more and more into the web world and I decided to turn this passion into a job.

Skills & competences

Everyday, I focus my attention and my efforts on front end development and its coding weapons: HTML, (S)CSS and JavaTypeScript.

Like all web developers, I have to put up with bug-ridden Internet Explorer: consequently, I am now familiar with efficient cross browser coding principles, starting from a solid HTML base and all the way through to clean CSS and unobtrusive JavaScript.

I work with AJAX based applications on a daily basis, playing with REST or GraphQL and even gRPC APIs.

gRPC is more for server-side you say? True, in fact I also work with Node based backend application: microservices to empower client apps, following BFF (Backend For Frontend) pattern.

With the advent of new and exciting web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, I work every day to keep up to date and follow the road of progressive enhancement, helping people live a great browsing experience.


If you want to get in touch, you can also find me on Github